Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver's virtual presentation for Philippine Days 2020

Chito's interpretation of the song "Limang Dipang Tao" (Eng Lit: five arm-spans of people) by National Artist Ryan Caaayabyab presented through charming sketches and cut-out laminates.

Chito Maravilla is a visual artist based in Vancouver, who is originally from the Philippines. His work spans that of realist, abstract, sculpted, digital, and illustrative styles, to name a few. With a career entrenched in the arts, and the breadth of about thirty years under his belt, Chito's approach is always varied and vibrant, prolific and still humble. Reminiscent of "home" (in the Philippines), but also contending the contemporary cultures of Canadian art, the work displayed in this video serves as a reminder, more than anything else, of the colourful vision that Chito encapsulates with the mastery of his craft in the visual arts.

All Artwork In Video: Chito Maravilla

Original Music: Miguel Maravilla

Chito Maravilla