"The Youth Choir"

3rd Place/Arts Council of Surrey

2024 Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery

Oil on canvas

36" x 36"


"Skytrain Girl"
2nd Place/Arts Council of Surrey 

2022 Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery

Acrylic on canvas
36"  x 29"


"Her Shoes"

First seen on the internet with a European name but Asian made origin. Pre-ordered and delivered to the doorstep. Made her first appearance for a job interview Downtown. Partied later to celebrate new job. Strutted the streets of Robson, crossed the border on weekends, endured the daily commute from Waterfront to King George station. For years she has proven to be strong and beautiful all season through. As she ages,she becomes even more beautiful. I love her but I'm donating her to a charitable place where she can be useful and appreciated.

Merit Award & People's Choice Award / Arts Council of Surrey 

2014 Juried Art Exhibition (Just Shoes), Newton Cultural Centre

​Acrylic on cardboard

22" x 27"

March 2014


  I thought of creating an original “make believe movie ” poster that signifies the brave men of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of that time. I want to stay true to the pulp fiction look of that era, by creating a theatrical scene in the image of a damsel in distress, rescued by a heroic officer on a majestic horse in the midst of a fire catastrophe.     This is my story formulated from an inspiring RCMP Musical horse parade that I saw. It’s my way of paying tribute to their magnificent deeds that encourage me to paint the real “Shadows of Green Timbers”.

1st Place Winner / Arts Council of Surrey
​2014 Silver Screen Poster Competition  Newton Cultural Centre
​Acrylic on canvass
18” x 24”
Feb 2014

"No Fuss Filming"

1st Place/ Arts Council of Surrey

2019 Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery

Collage/ Mixed Media 

48" x 48"

June 2019 

"Commercial Drive"

3rd Place/ Arts Council of Surrey

 2017 Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery

Acrylic on canvas  

48" x 48"

July 2017


 "Downtown Vibe"

Her hair shines like the mountain and the city is written all over him. Go for a walk, take a short cruise along the ocean or simply hike the nearest mountain and you're back at the same place where you stood within the day longing to discover more.

​Finalist / Arts Council of Surrey
2013 Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery
Acrylic on canvass
36” x 36”
​June 2013


“The City’s Fireworks Display” is about
the celebration of life.
It is inspired by the Stanley Park and English Bay landscape,
​capturing the energy of the people and the beauty of the city.
The painting represents the artist’s collective thoughts of events rendered in a whimsical approach.These are images he witnessed, felt and experienced; wherein love and romance is everywhere, were children are brought into a promising future and the colorful diversity of the people  are shared as one within the gorgeous landscape benefiting us in luxury.

1st Place Winner / Arts Council of Surrey
2011 Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery
Acrylic on canvass
36'x 36"
​June 2011 

"Cosmo Rise"

People's Choice Award 

The Built World Around Us Juried Photography Exhibit

Digital Photography

18"  x 24"

April 2019

 "Skytrain  Fashion"

​Honourable Mention / Arts Council of Surrey
2014 Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery

Charcoal and Acrylic on wood  
36” x 36”
​June 2014

 “Dance the Night Away” 
​I caught upon this couple at the Copper Club Lounge (along North Road & Lougheed).
These two were rulers of the dance floor. The lady was radiantly attractive and graceful and the aged gentleman was completely in control of whatever form of dancing they possessed.It’s not just tango nor swing; I believe it was a fusion of everything. I was able to paint their emotions and some hints of motion that they projected. I enjoyed that night of good music and the rare movement of artistry that happened all around me. It made the night beautiful, although it quickly slipped away.

1st Place Winner & People's Choice Award
Arts Council of Surrey      
2013 Juried Art Exhibition (Just Dance)
Newton Cultural Centre

Acrylic on canvass
24” x 36”
April  2013

Chito Maravilla